Equestrian Clothing – Get the Look for 60% Less

'Forestry' by Atoma09

Image Credit: “Forestry” by @Atoma09

Equestrian clothing is naturally gorgeous but it’s also naturally expensive.

Sometimes when I find an outfit I absolutely love on Pinterest, I’ll try and look up similar items off Amazon or elsewhere online and see if I can replicate the outfit for a lot cheaper

This elegant, forest-inspired design consists of polo tops, deep green jodhpurs, high matte riding boots, leather gloves and a braided belt.

Classy, yet casual and ready for the wildnerness, this works exceptionally well as an eventing style of dress.

Get the Look – Tops

For the tops, there’s a few options. We can either keep it in the branded domain of Polo apparel or we can venture out and save some money money keeping the look essentially the same.

Let’s start of with the branded shirts and then I’ll add in some of my favourite alternatives later.

Polo Branded Options 

Company name: Ralph Lauren

Guarantee: None

Price: $$

Review: 8/10


  • Ribbed Collar and Armbands
  • 2 Button Placket
  • Signature Embroidered Pony Logo
  • Classic Fit

This is an excellent quality shirt and if you’re okay with the slightly higher price of Ralph Lauren and like their look, I would say this is a must-have classic fit that will last you a while. Some people say that the sizing runs a tad small but I’ve never had an issue with it.

I also am a huge fan that this shirt is made from cotton, which is light, breathable and is gentle on your skin if you heat up while riding.

My rating took a few hits because this style has a collar that’s a tad thick for my liking and it’s also on the more expensive side.

Company name: Ralph Lauren

Guarantee: None

Price: $$

Review: 8/10


  • Deep crewneck
  • Soft cotton fabrics
  • Pony logo down on right hip

So I know this isn’t exactly the option in the image, which is more of a cashmere knit. But personally, I like this option better because I find cotton far more comfortable than cashmere and when you’re actually riding, cashmere knit is not going to be a very practical option. It’s just too hot and it will scratch at your skin and irritate it – I least I find that!

So a little bit of editing here for this option, I hope you don’t mind!

Alternative Branding Options

Company name: Devon & Jones

Guarantee: None

Price: $

Review: 8/10


  • 6.5 oz., 97% cotton, 3% Lycra® spandex jersey
  • stretch tape in shoulders for added strength
  • neat, no-button placket
  • double-needle stitching on sleeves and hem

Amazing quality, feel and durability for the money you’re going to spend. The sizing can be a little bit weird with this one, so I would say order a size smaller than you normally would.

I like that the base fabric is in cotton but you’ve also got some spandex mixed in there so it isn’t as constraining as the Ralph Lauren option above, which tends to be on the stiffer side.

Company name: Tommy Hilfiger

Guarantee: “Free return on some colors & sizes”

Price: $

Review: 10/10


  • 100% cotton. Machine Washable.
  • Embroidered flag logo on chest.
  • Even sewn hem.

Again, I kind of cheated here because I really didn’t like the idea of having a cashmere knit so I went with the cotton option, which is just way more practical in my opinion.

But with this one, you get the look a little more since the logo is on the chest compared to the Ralph Lauren cotton option.

Honestly, not much more to add here. You really can’t go wrong with a purchase like this becaue given the lower price, you’re getting a classic look, a classic color and a durable shirt. Actually, I will mention that you should stick with the Navy color – there’s a little bit of issues with the red in terms of turning out to be a more orangish hue.

Get the Look – Bottoms

Company name: Kerrits

Guarantee/Warranty: None

Price: $$

Review: 9/10


  • 91% Polyester/9% Spandex
  • Made in USA
  • Fabrisuede Tactel™ ultra-soft four-way stretch
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Chafe-free flat seams
  • Flow Rise, wide elastic waistband sits flat against the waist
  • Gripper elastic at ankle

Absolutely love these! Love the look of them, the simplicity, the material and the fact that they come in so many colors is awesome too. This is another one of those purchases that you really can’t go wrong with because of how comfortable and durable the product is.

The only reason I docked my review one point is because there is quite heafty additional shipping charges if you aren’t in the US, which kind of sucks and I hate that. I mean who wants to pay for shipping nowadays, right? It should always be free!

If you go into more options, however, there are some sellers who will deliver for free with Prime if you aren’t in the US but I know some people don’t like to steer away from the manufacturer.

Get the Look – Boots

Company name: Equiessentials

Guarantee/Warranty: None

Price: $$

Review: 8/10


  • Waterproof
  • Eastic insert for greater comfort
  • Easy on and off
  • Flexible

So for these I was looking for a field-boot-look that would get the job done at a good price. I do not usually ride in rubber boots myself just because my feet always overheat if there’s no ventilation and they just feel gross, you know? I actually wrote a whole review on different types of boots where I get into more detail about rubber. However, based on the feedback for this pair, it’s about as breathable as you can get.

I love rubber though for working around the stables and it’s always great to have them on a gross muddy day. And if you need a pair around anyways, might as well have one that you can also ride in, right?

These ones are very flexible so they don’t have too much hard shape or support. Some people think that this makes them unsuitable for riding because of the soft top of the foot area but I find I’m usually not too worried about that when I ride.

If anything, I’m grateful for anything that’s not too hard for my ankles to fight against when I’m trying to keep my heels dug down. So if you’re like me and don’t mind a little bit more flexibiltiy, these might be a good option for you.

Also, these are 110% waterproof, which is why I’m thinking they’re probably a good option for eventing and they are definitely great for working around the farm.

Get the Look – Accessories

Women Horse Riding Gloves

Company name: Mashfa

Guarantee/Warranty: 1 Year Warrantee

Price: $

Review: 10/10


  • Light Weight Ladies Horse Riding Gloves
  • Comfortable Daily Use Horse Riding Gloves
  • Stretchable Fabric back Equestrian gloves
  • Well fitted ammara leather palm women horse riding gloves

Absolutely in love with these gloves – I actually wrote a full review about them and 2 others. You can find it by clicking here!

Company name: JASGOOD

Guarantee/Warranty: 45 days free exchange & returns + 180 day warranty

Price: $

Review: 10/10


  • High quality & durable
  • Made of leather
  • Adjustable to any length with the braided design
  • Comes in a nice gift box

Love the look of this belt, and the low price. Also, it’s got a nice 180 day warranty so you don’t have to worry about it falling apart on you like some of the other cheaper belts.

The one thing with this belt is that it can run up to 6cm on the shorter side when compared to the description so just order a size higher than you think you’ll need. You can always do a fancy loop through it’s a little too long

Total Cost

The total cost for the whole set WOULD HAVE BEEN $654.21 (price sourced from Polyvore)

I didn’t include the helmet in either the total cost for the pictured items above or in my totals below because the style here is you’re basic black riding helmet. Hope that’s okay! Also, when including the totals, note that I’m including both the short sleeved polo and the long sleeved crew neck.

So you can definitley wear the long sleeved crew neck overtop of the polo but I king of like having them as two seperate outfits personally!

Our total for the branded look: 

+ Ralph Lauren Women’s Classic Fit Mesh Polo Shirt

+ Ralph Lauren Women’s Deep Crewneck Long Sleeve Tee

+ Kerrits Cross-Over Breech

+ Equiessentials CADET FLEX Ladies’ Rubber Boot

+ Mashfa Women’s Horse Riding Gloves

+ Leather Braided Belt with Copper Pin Buckle by JASGOOD

Less than $ 275 (58% Discount!)

Our total for the alternative brand look: 

+ Devon & Jones Ladies Stretch Jersey Polo

+ Tommy Hilfiger Womens Long Sleeve Crewneck Knit Shirt

+ Kerrits Cross-Over Breech

+ Equiessentials CADET FLEX Ladies’ Rubber Boot

+ Mashfa Women’s Horse Riding Gloves

+ Leather Braided Belt with Copper Pin Buckle by JASGOOD

Less than $225 (65% Discount!)

Here’s to getting the styles at a more affordable price! I hope this helped you with your equestrian shopping needs and I’m always here if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about this outfit.

Please just leave a comment below and I’ll be with you soon

Lots of love,



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14 thoughts on “Equestrian Clothing – Get the Look for 60% Less”

  1. I love the classic equestrian rider look. The colors you picked are perfect, and I love that you found both the designer and the better price for the same look. I would absolutely wear that color of olive, too. It’s like you picked this outfit for me. 🙂

    Do you have any other leather glove recommendations for a shinier leather look, like the boots?

    • Hey Sunny, 

      Glad you like it! I feel like it’s almost mandated for nice equestrian outfits to be worth a ton so I think it’s important to make it more affordable you know? I find it crazy that you can cut down the price by over a third and get the same look. And I know, right – the olive has such a nice feel to it. 

      In terms of the leather gloves, yes – I would recommend these ones (click here!) if you’re wanting the shinier look to them. They’re Heritage showing gloves for show jumping. Personally, I just find these types of gloves a tad less breathable for everyday riding and less practical because they don’t have the little pads so you can also use your phone haha 



  2. I’ve never rode a horse myself (which is kind of shameful being from Virginia) – but I sure do like the clothes haha! I love that preppy Ralph Lauren look. I wonder if I can get away with just walking around in them and nobody ever has to know the truth. I also like brighter colors which I see on jockeys when I go to the steeplechase – but that may be pushing it!

    • Hey Kristin,

      I would say definitely haha! I’m with you – I think the equestrian style looks great whether you’re riding or not. I don’t usually change after riding to go run errands or hang out with friends. I’m sure you could pull off this outfit with a pair of black breeches with a bright polo shirt and lay off the sweater 🙂 



  3. I am a beginner in riding horses and is currently looking around to perk up my attire. Thanks for your recommendations on what to wear to look fashionable and cost less. I personally like the outfit you have chosen and will most probably buy based on your list of recommendations. Looking forward to more equestrian fashion advice on your website! Keep it up!

  4. Martina, I’m not an equestrian. I’ve never even considered trying to ride – even if I love horses dearly – but primarily as I ve always thought it’s a very expensive sport. Lessons don’t come cheap, and equipment, as you showed us in your article, can be expensive too.
    It’s reassuring to know that, if you shop around carefully, you can come across real little gems in terms of bargains, without having to compromise on quality and fashion.
    Thank you ever so much for the heads up.

    • Hey Giulia, 

      Yes it can definitely be expensive but with a little bit of effort & shopping around – you can save quite a bit of costs. Even owning a horse can be affordable if you know how to do it right 🙂 

      Hope you consider riding! 


  5. This set and the 58%+ savings seems too good to be true. I see that most of the individual gear have 8/10 ratings or higher, but is the quality really there? I’m trying to get an outfit for my girlfriend whose a very intense horse-lover! 

    What’s your argument for investing in expensive gear versus trying to save money? I mean, I love the design and the colors are exactly as you put it, classy yet casual, but I’m just afraid of spending that much money over the internet. 

    Thank you for the help!

    • Hey Chase, 

      It’s mostly because I’m finding similar designs and styles but not the designer labels that you’ll see advertised in the mockups on Pinterest. So you get the same look but for a fraction of the cost. 

      I think gear in terms of saddles, bridles, etc. you want to make sure the quality is really there. But if you’re trying to get a nice outfit for the season based on what’s trending, there’s no need to spend all that money right? And I always make sure that basic items such as the breeches in included here are very durable so you can always wear them with other things and mix and match going forwards. 

      You won’t get the top end designers but you’ll still look amazing! 

      Definitely a good way to go for a gift package for any horse-crazy girl. I myself am very partial to the breeches and the rings in this particular look 🙂 

  6. I appreciate that you take the time to find affordable prices for the brand name items. While I love to wear brand names, my budget doesn’t always appreciate my expensive taste! I love the pants, especially in the forest green color. It is very classic and sleek…and a bit sexy. Who doesn’t find riding pants hot?

    • Hey Theresa, 

      I definitely do! haha 

      I know it’s it great? I love this outfit and even with a tight budget you can still find quality items that will last you a while even if they aren’t top of the line 

  7. Wow! The outfit would have been over $600! Thanks for showing us a less expensive way to get the same look. I always love to save a few dollars and get a bargain. However, you do want to make sure you are buying quality.
    Do you know if the quality is just as good?

    • Hey Melinda, 

      I’m not sure about being “just as good” – I would say sometimes it might not be quite up there and sometimes it might be better depending on the initial item I’m trying to replicate and what I find instead. But I do know that all the items I pick out are good quality – if I’ve found any issues with the quality (as well as sizing, fit, colors, problems with riding, breathability, fabrics, etc,) I make sure to mention it and take that into account when I’m rating the item 🙂 


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