Best Horse Riding Gloves: What is the Best Value for Your Money?

Are you trying to find the best horse riding gloves that match your every need and preference? A simple trip to the store or a quick search on the internet would provide you with a long list of choices, which can sometimes be too overwhelming.

Luckily for you, we understand how hard it is to find the best pair that offers the most value for money. That’s why, in this article, we have compiled everything you need to know about our top three picks of the best riding gloves that are available on the market today.

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    If you’re new to riding and want an overview of all types of riding clothes that you might need, check out this post on different types of riding outfits for different styles of riding.

    So, allow us to introduce to you each one in order to help you choose the right pair of gloves for you.

    Best Horse Riding Gloves: Your Top Three Choices

    Finding a pair of the best horse riding gloves is not an easy task, especially if you intend to purchase one from the internet. It requires a lot of research as to the materials used, proper sizing, and a whole lot of other features.

    In addition to that, you also need to think about the color and style that best match your own preferences.

    We browse the internet looking for the best of the best of everything horse-related so we can share these things with you. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. 

    Mashfa Women’s Horse Riding Gloves

    Mashfa Women's Horse Riding Gloves

    The first on our list is a high-quality women’s horse riding glove designed and manufactured by the experts from Mashfa. The good thing about this product that makes it stand out from the rest is that it comes with a one-year warranty. These gloves also come in four sizes ranging from small to extra-large.

    Key Features

    • Made from sturdy yet lightweight materials
    • Has a stretchable fabric back
    • Designed with a well-fitted Amara leather palm
    • Has a simple and straightforward design


    • Comfortable enough to be used daily
    • Helps provide a firm grip
    • Stretchable fabric allows for versatility
    • Can also be used for motorcycle riding, car driving, and yard work
    • Works on touchscreen displays
    • Made from a breathable fabric


    • Sizing runs a bit smaller than other brands
    • Fabric used collects dirt and gets dusty
    • Does not come in any other color besides black

    Heritage Performance Gloves

    Heritage Performance Horse Riding Gloves

    Another good choice for riding gloves are these Heritage Performance Gloves.

    For more than 35 years, the Heritage Gloves brand has been among the leading companies when it comes to the design and manufacturing of equestrian riding gloves. They pride themselves on coming up with products that are both innovative and technically advanced.

    Heritage Products create all of their products with passion, right down to the littlest of details. They took utmost care in making sure that the fit, function, and feel as well as the durability, style, quality, and value match the industry’s highest quality standards.

    Key Features

    • Made from quality materials (58% synthetic leather, 40% nylon spandex, and 2% PVC)
    • Double-stitched outward seams to ensure durability
    • Equipped with a stretchable and breathable Spandura material
    • Features a patented, rein-cut design
    • Comes with an elastic cuff and an adjustable strap


    • Has a comfortable fit
    • Helps increase the grip on reins
    • Can be used by beginners, trainees, and professionals alike
    • Specially designed for equestrian riding
    • Provides a great grip even when wet
    • Looks and feels good even after a few washes
    • Comes in many colors and design patterns
    • You could also use them for light jobs, such as yard work


    • Too lightweight to use during the winter season
    • Sizing can be a bit tricky

    Gloue Women’s Winter Gloves

    If you are on the lookout for a pair of riding gloves that is fashionable, then the Gloue Women’s Winter Gloves is the perfect choice for you. These gloves are specially designed to be your go-to pair for everyday use.

    They can be the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe or your preferred gloves for horse riding and driving.

    Key Features

    • Comes in a very practical design that matches any style
    • Touch screen thumb and index finger satin pads
    • Made of a soft, stretchable cashmere material
    • Measures 3.14 inches at the middle finger with a palm width of 3.54 inches
    • Equipped with an inner fleece layer
    • Designed with satin inset on thumbs and index finger to allow use of touchscreen devices


    • Keeps the hands protected and warm during the cold season
    • Touch screen pad so you can text without taking off your gloves
    • Has a comfortable fit
    • Great gift for daughters, moms, and friends
    • Comes in three beautiful and classy colors (grey, red, and black)
    • Washable and easy to wear
    • Works well for both outdoor and indoor activities


    • Only comes in one size
    • Not water-resistant
    • Attracts lint very easily
    • Buttons come off after a few uses

    The Verdict

    Our favourite riding gloves overall:

    After careful consideration of all the features that each of these gloves offers, we have concluded that, among the three choices above, the best pair that would give you the most value without breaking the bank would be the Heritage Performance Gloves.

    This pair is specially designed to provide a strong grip on the reins. It can be used daily by both beginners and professionals.

    They work perfectly well even when wet, too, which is an added bonus because it means you can wear them while riding during bad weather. Additionally, these Heritage Performance gloves do not lose their functionality even after a few washes.

    Aside from being perfect for horse riding, these gloves can also be worn for driving and while performing odd jobs around the house such as yard work.

    Unfortunately, they can be too lightweight to use during the cold season as they do not offer much warmth.

    The Heritage Performance Gloves come in many colors including black, pink, purple, burgundy, brown, dark grey, and navy blue. You can also choose from different design patterns such as pink plaid, stars, hearts, wild zebra, and horseshoes.

    Our favourite riding gloves to keep warm and look fancy:

    On the other hand, if you prefer riding gloves that are warmer and fashionable, consider putting your money in a pair of Gloue Women’s Winter Gloves.

    These gloves are made of a stretchable Cashmere material that is warm and soft to the touch. It also comes equipped with an inner fleece layer for added warmth.

    For the cutest pairing of gloves and jacket, I’d say give the Ariat Softshell Jacket a look. This is a personal duo favourite

    Another great feature that these winter gloves have is that you can use your touchscreen device without the need to take it off. It is specially designed with satin insets on the thumb and index fingers to allow you to make and receive calls, surf the internet, or answer texts while still staying warm and cozy.

    Happy Riding,


    12 thoughts on “Best Horse Riding Gloves: What is the Best Value for Your Money?”

    1. I love that you listed both the best features about all of the options and the setbacks for each. I didn’t know there were gloves that could still perform their function even when they get wet. It seems like a good way to go would be to get both the Heritage gloves and the winter gloves.

      • Hey Avareth, 

        Yep – they’re specially designed that way! And I would agree with you, which is why I have both. I’ll use the Heritage most of the time. Even sometimes in the colder weather, I’ll use them if I’m riding a horse that I know wants to really go and I need to keep them under a bit more control because I’m counting on the fact that they’re going to be quite pulley with me. The winter gloves are amazing cuz they’re super warm and you can text and use your phone without having to take them off but they just aren’t quite up to par with the Heritage ones when it comes to grip

        Hope this helps, 

        Martina 🙂 

    2. I like the Mashfa gloves best. I like that they have a year warranty, lightweight, sturdy, and simple. Just like the Heritage Performance gloves it can be used for other activities, is breathable. The Mashfa also has the ability to be used with touchscreens which is great because of the smartphones we all have.
      I have really small hands so the fact that these gloves run a little smaller works great for me.
      Thanks for this information.

      • Hey Jennifer, 

        Really appreciate your comment and input! Yep the Mashfa gloves are awesome, they’re super sleek and you kind of avoid the issue of the velcro that can get a little bit annoying and doesn’t age very well with the Heritage ones

        And yep! The touchscreen thing is a big one! 

        Happy you enjoyed the article, 


    3. The first time I rode horses was with my wife during our honeymoon. I fooled myself into thinking I didn’t need any gear because “I’m a man,” I don’t need equipment. I was very wrong and my hands hurt after a few hours! My wife would appreciate the pink gloves you listed in this article and especially the Heritage gloves! Glad to know they have durability after a few washes – that is so important (and of course the ability to use phones with them on). Thank you so much for offering such insight into how to invest in gloves. Do men have options too when it comes to printed colors/designs?

      • Hey Chase, 

        Sounds like a wonderful honeymoon! Haha, well it really depends on the horse that you’re riding and the weather, right? Sometimes, horses can be very frisky and hard to get down into the rhythm that you want to be riding at and so you’ll need to have stronger contract with their mouth (basically they will be “pulling” you more). 

        Pulling is something that you really want to avoid in both you and your horse but sometimes, it’s unavoidable. Also in colder weather when it’s very dry, the reins can be tough on your hands. So it’s going to be the type of horse and/or the weather (or if you’re showing but the gloves I’ve talked about here are not sufficient for showing). 

        To answer your question, yes of course! The Heritage gloves are unisex although some of the patterns are more “girly”. If you check them out here, you’ll see 14 different designs to choose from including black, brown, green, etc. 



    4. Oh my god this post about the best horse riding gloves and your website in general is awesome for any true rider! I’ve never been big on riding myself, but I’ve looked after horses for years in the past – my mum is a huge horse riding fan so I’m DEFINITELY going to direct her to your site!

      Its also her birthday in March so I think I need to get her a pair of these gloves – shes old school though so I think the Heritage Performance will be the ones I will get her 🙂

      Thanks for sharing this Martina!

    5. Hi Martina I enjoyed your article on horse riding gloves. Being a fellow Canadian and former horse owner there is no way you can have just one pair of gloves. You need summer and winter gloves. Even if you are lucky enough to ride in an indoor arena those Canadian winters can be cold.
      I am glad to see that you are getting back into your passion. There is nothing like the bond you can develop with your horse.
      Even though horses are an expensive hobby they are definitely worth it. Best of luck to you!

      • Hey Maureen, 

        Thank you for your comment and agreed – with the weather changes, you really need several pairs. I always ride in an indoor arena and I need cloves and like 4 layers minimum to keep warm some days! I’ve had days where I’ll wear a thinner pair of gloves underneath a second layer! 

        Horses are expensive but they are definitely worth any penny and thanks for your support 🙂 



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