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    Looking for new equestrian fashion ideas that are creamy, classy and never go out of style?

    Of course, riding horses is more than just a hobby to us and to be honest, most of us wouldn’t care if we were wearing dish rags. But that doesn’t mean that we have to, right ladies?

    We’re lucky because equestrian fashion comes in all sorts of colors, textures and brands so that we can really express ourselves.

    I like to dream up different horse riding outfits because 1) it’s fun, and 2) I figure maybe one day I can afford all of this stuff. So I thought today I’d share it with you!

    Equestrian Fashion - Cream-Colored Horse Riding Clothes and accessories

    This particular “cream” based style is great if you don’t want to be too bold but would rather stay classy and authentic…

    Equestrian Fashion 101 – The Classics

    So I’ve collated this set of horse riding clothes, equestrian wear and gear. They’re mostly classy minimalist and monochrome colors, but some of them pop with hints of sparkle and flash here and there – check out the lace helmet below in particular!

    Since cream is such a relaxing color, it’s usually used as a base. This means you could mix and match it with any other color when creating a full look. Or go full cream – why not?

    We browse the internet looking for the best of the best of everything horse-related so we can share these things with you. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. 

    LeMieux Pro-Sport Saddle Pad (Beige)

    LeMieux Pro-Sport Saddle Pad (Beige)

    This elegant, cream colored horse pad looks and feels supple and velvety to the touch. Plus, I love the brand LeMieux. It gives off an air of elegance without compromising the comfort that every horse saddle should offer. It has thick padding but can be washed and dried easily.

    Also, notice that quilted design? That makes this saddle pad perfect to sit on!

    Equiline Ethereal Ladies Breeches

    Classy Horseback Riding Clothes - Equiline Ash Breech

    You can’t complete an equestrian look without the perfect breeches! We’ve all seen all sorts of breeches and designs but these are definitely on the more elegant and slimming side.

    Though breeches are made for function, these also serve as a knockout fashion statement. These snug breeches will show off your best assets (if you know what I mean) while still being super practical to ride in. I also love the chocolatey-brown leather grip – functional and gorgeous.

    Velvety Cream Helmet

    Cream Equestrian Wear - Kepitalia Beige Lace Helmet

    Who says safety means sacrificing style? This helmet certainly can do both. With its sturdy and reliable design, this helmet provides perfect head protection. Plus, it’s also undeniable eye-candy. With lace details that give it a dainty and sophisticated flair, this helmet is sure to knock people’s socks off.

    Most of us won’t be caught dead wearing a helmet that we think is unflattering or messes our hair up. But I don’t think I’d mind wearing this helmet all day!

    Knock Their Socks Off

    Horse Riding Clothing - Cream Plaid Tall Boot Socks

    These Lettia tall boot socks are comfy and breathable. Naturally moisture-wicking, so you don’t need to worry about bad-smelling feet which most socks would give after a long day of physical work through horse riding. These plaid socks will give the perfect contrast against in your outfit without overpowering the whole get-up.

    Looking at its fabric and color, you’ll sure to look classy while stylish at the same time. Do yourself a favour, get a pair of these and prepare to knock people’s socks off!

    Boots Made for Galloping (and Strutting)

    High End Horse Riding Clothes - Equiporium Suede Showjumping Boots

    As Marilyn Monroe said, “Give a woman the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world.” The same goes for horse riding clothing – specifically boots.

    A good pair of boots can make or break your riding outfit.

    The perfect footwear must obviously have good support for your toes and ankles, especially given you’ll be exerting extra force to ensure proper handling with your horse.

    This pair of riding boots ranks on top of our list when it comes to comfort and style. They come in a classic color and will perfectly match whatever clothes you’re wearing.

    Must-Have Gloves

    Classy Horse Riding Clothes - Crochet Cream and Tan Riding Gloves

    Your hands will thank you for buying these riding gloves. These cream and brown gloves are perfect for riders who are looking for both strong grip and protection. It comes with brown leather exteriors that will go well with any color. Gripping game strong, no more rope burns, and a stylish faux-crochet look, aren’t these the perfect combination?

    Tweed Riding Jacket

    High End Horse Riding Clothes - Equetech Tweed Showjumping Jacket

    This tweed jacket is a break from modern, cheap material back to a mix of vintage and class. It hugs your curves, is old-style chic and it is comfortable to wear.  This is an exclusive Equetech® tweed show jacket.

    It features flap pockets with concealed zip pockets, rich gold jacquard lining as well as a gorgeous collar, pocket jets and double back vents. Enjoy feeling like a queen in this!

    Classy Cream Equestrian Fashion

    There you go! These are just some of the cream colored apparel and accessories available on the market that you can check out.

    Though these are perfect for your love for horse riding, they can definitely double as daywear, particularly if you want to look minimalistic and chic.

    While horse riding and equestrian is a rigorous sport, your outfit surely doesn’t need to feel that way. Don’t be afraid to embrace your sense of equestrian fashion. And if you want to stick with something that’s functional but looks fashionable at the same time, you can never go wrong with cream. 

    It’s a color that says I mean business, but I’ve got style too.


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    Equestrian Fashion Ideas - Classy in Cream
    Equestrian Fashion Ideas – Classy in Cream

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