Equestrian Outfits – Ebony & Ivory Ideas

Looking for cute new equestrian outfits?

We’ve got some fun ideas in luxurious ebony & ivory, plus some matching gear that will come in handy!

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    Let’s start with EBONY…

    Is there anything more stylish than a black outfit?

    I love an occasional pop of of colour in my wardrobe, but regularly find myself returning to my black essentials. When I use all black in one of my equestrian outfits, I feel like it makes me look mysterious and a little edgy. But simultaneously, black is the color of elegance, sophistication and class. It’s surprisingly versatile!

    Let’s face it – black goes well with literally anything. If you’re going to go all black, I think the best tip I have is to not be afraid of using it with different materials, colors, prints and textures. For example: add metals and leather for an edgier look. Mix black with pastel colors for a youthful touch. My personal favourite is a simple clean black and white – I love a white tee, and the black riding tights below are super flattering.

    So have a look below for some of the best black accessories for equestrians and horse-riding enthusiasts…

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    R.J. Classic’s Ladies Diana Show Coat

    equestrian outfits - R.J. Classic's Ladies Diana Show Coat

    A well cut coat is everything, right? No English riding outfit would be complete without it.

    I love the slim fit of this R.J. coat. It just screams elegance to me – and that’s what I want!


    • Wool-like feel
    • Traditional styling
    • Machine washable
    • Matching lining
    • R.J. Logo buttons

    Ovation Viviana Flash Bridle (with Crystal V-Shaped Browband)

    equestrian outfits - Ovation Viviana Flash Bridle Browband

    I think browbands are adorable on all horses at all times. But I’m a little bit of a magpie, in that I automatically think that anything shiny is way better than its non-shiny counterpart.

    Enter this browband! The crystals and the V-cut are just perfect, if you ask me.


    • Comes as a full bridle set
    • Comfort Crown System
    • Raised V-Browband with crystals
    • Round raised cutback nose
    • 5/8″ anti-slip reins
    • US style fit
    • Prefinished leather that is soft, supple and ready to use
    • No oil required, simply wipe clean after use and condition as needed

    TuffRider Ladies Belmont Dress Boots

    equestrian outfits - TuffRider Ladies Belmont Dress Boots

    Okay so I feel like I’m cheating a little bit by including riding boots, because so many pairs of boots are black anyway. But at the same time – this is such a good opportunity to recommend these beautiful TuffRider boots to you!


    • Snap closure
    • Leather with Spanish Top
    • Back Zipper
    • Plain Toe Cap
    • Round toe
    • Spur Rest
    • Rubber Outsole
    • Memory Foam Foot Bed

    LeMieux Support Boots

    equestrian outfits - Lemieux Support Boots

    These boots, to me, just scream ‘performance’. If my competition were to trot over wearing a pair of these, I would be scared.

    Don’t you want to be the one intimidating your competition, not the other way around? Only a healthy amount of intimidation, of course 😉


    • Best all-round boot for turnout, schooling or competition
    • Lightweight & protective while allowing flexibility of movement
    • Offers support to the fetlock & tendon
    • Breathable Airprene lining prevents rubbing & sweat build up

    Whitaker NRG Helmet

    equestrian outfits - Whitaker NRG Helmet

    Riding helmets are, of course, a must have for your safety.

    But that doesn’t mean they have to be boring! And this Whitaker helmet is anything but. The matte black is gorgeous, and with the metallic accents I think it looks fabulous.


    • ASTM F1163-15 standard, machine washable coolmax lining, which provides breathability and comfort
    • Two large front air vents to aid circulation
    • A dial-to-fit system and bounce-back peak
    • Exceptionally lightweight
    • Glitter decals on front and rear
    • EPS foam on inner shell for shock absorption

    Prairie Black Leather Riding Crop

    Prairie Black Leather Riding Crop

    This Prairie leather riding crop is everything that a riding crop should be: unfussy, simple, and sleek. And even better, you get a choice of color for the shaft!

    But let’s be real – you’re choosing black, right?


    • 100% fiberglass shaft (guaranteed not to break)
    • Shaft is covered in your choice of black, pink, purple or fuchsia
    • Woven leather-style covered solid fiberglass handle with loop
    • Single thick leather slapper at end

    Horze Juliet Hyper Flex Riding Tight

    equestrian outfits - Horze Juliet Hyper Flex Riding Tight

    I used to be really big on loud, patterned riding tights.

    But of course many of them aren’t competition appropriate, and what’s more I’ve started to feel like maybe they’re not as flattering?

    These tights are great, because they are super flattering. Honestly, like I said above – I can’t go past the clean cut look of these and a white tee. Perfection.


    • Silicone-print full seat tights
    • Comfortable, breathable & easy to care for
    • 85% Nylon, 15% Elastane
    • So flattering!

    Gallop Mane & Tail Shampoo

    Gallop Mane & Tail Shampoo

    So this ‘colour’ version of Mane N’ Tail brings out color in your horse’s mane, tail and coat that has been faded or dulled by the sun. What an innovation! Sign me and my horse right up.


    • An exact color match is not necessary
    • Ideal for show preparation
    • Cleans and intensifies natural color and sheen
    • Dye-free
    • Some people swear by it on their own hair – but see my review here!

    Tom Ford Women’s Carola Oversized Sunglasses

    Horseback Riding Outfits - Tom Ford Women's Carola Oversized Sunglasses

    Big sunglasses make me feel so glamorous. And what could be more glamorous than a pair by Tom Ford?

    Seriously though, whenever you’re out riding on a sunny day, some kind of eye protection is a must-have. It will pay dividends later in life!


    • Trendy, authentic Tom Ford
    • High quality
    • Oversized look
    • 60mm frames

    Gucci Horsebit 1955 Shoulder Bag

    Gucci Horsebit 1955 Shoulder Bag

    Okay this bag has been on my wish list forever.

    Will I ever be able to buy it? Perhaps not. Will I dream about it anyway? Definitely.


    • Made in Italy
    • Black snakeskin
    • Gold-toned hardware
    • Leather lining
    • Horsebit details at the front and sides
    • Three gussets with one zipper and one open pocket
    • Shoulder strap with snap buttons can be adjusted from a 9.8″ to 17.7″ drop
    • Flap closure
    • Weighs less than 1kg!

    Is Orange the New Black, or is Black the New Black?

    Honestly, after looking through all of these gorgeous pieces I don’t think I’ll wear colors ever again!

    I hope you enjoyed browsing this collection of equestrian outfits. If you’re still looking for more riding outfit inspo, click the link below to check out our full gallery.

    Happy shopping 🙂


    See our whole collection of cute ideas for horseback riding outfits:

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    Equestrian Outfits - Ebony & Ivory Ideas
    Equestrian Outfits – Ebony & Ivory Ideas

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