Luxurious Horse Riding Clothes – Ebony & Ivory Part I

Luxurious Horse Riding Clothes - Ebony & Ivory Part I

Is there anything more stylish than a black outfit?

While some might argue that colors make your look utterly exciting and lively, black gives a strikingly mysterious and thrill to any ensemble. Black outfits, paired together with the best accessories, are bold and chic. Sharp and sleek for office wear, minimalistic charm for casual wear, and elegant for evening events, the versatile black color can take you anywhere.

Black or ebony is the color of elegance, sophistication and class. I have listed below some of the best black accessories for equestrians and horse-riding enthusiasts. Might as well catch up on your online shopping while we are all social distancing!

Competition Gear

Galatea Show Jumping Competition Coat

Be sleek and equestrian chic wearing this black Galatea Show Jumping competition coat from Ariat. The design combines functionality with fashion. The contrast 3D paneling of the fabric gives it a stylish spin to the typical equestrian show coat. The stretch double-knit construction fits snugly and comfortably against any body type. It features a three-button front with zip closure for a structured, perfect fit. The coat construction ensures rider’s ease in mobility and flexibility. This show coat boasts of its “Moisture Movement Technology” to help you feel dry and fresh even after hours of riding.

Luxurious Horse Riding Clothes - Galatea Show jumping competition coat

V-Shaped Crystal Browband

Reward your horse friend by gifting this edgy ebony browband. The outstanding craftsmanship and the exquisite details of the browband make it a true work of art. Fully padded and made with supple leather, you do not need to worry about your horse’s comfort. This is the perfect accessory for your loyal riding companion. The V-shaped browband is accented with shiny crystals. When worn, it actually looks like a tiara for your horse!

Horse Riding Gear - V-Shaped Crystal Browband

Ariat Womens’ Dress Riding Boots

Even Equestrian Barbie will be green with envy when you wear these elegant-looking riding boots from Ariat. The all-black premium full grain leather will surely make any outfit look effortlessly chic. These riding boots are well-cushioned and unbelievably comfortable to wear. The contoured fit of the full-length boot lets you take each stride with grace.

Horse Riding Clothes - Ariat Womens’ Dress Riding Boots

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Laval Competition Shirt

Stand out with this simple, yet elegant statement laval competition shirt from Vestrum. The soft, silky material is breathable and comfortable to wear. The white details in the sleeves and collar is perfect for those who are looking into a bit of color contrast in their outfits. The cut is dainty and lady-like, with a bit of an edgy vibe.

Luxurious Horse Riding Clothes - Laval Competition Shirt

Personal Luxury Suitcase

Store your riding equipment and supplies in this black personal suitcase from Prizmic & Brill. The leather details combined with the sturdy stainless metal accents makes this suitcase look exquisite and high end. The inside of the suitcase is spacious enough to carry all your competition essentials in one go.

Luxurious Horse Riding Gear - Personal Luxury Suitcase

Lemieux Derby Projump Tendon Boots

Let your horse friend ride in confidence and style with these jumping boots from Lemieux. Lightweight and comfortable, these will become your horse’s favorite gear. The TPU shell is properly fitted to protect your horse’s tendons. It has a soft inner lining and over-locking Velcro to ensure optimum fit.

Luxurious Horse Riding Gear - Lemieux Derby Projump Tendon Boots

Whitaker Charcoal Helmet

Everything looks better with a bit of sparkle. The matte finish looks stunningly beautiful against the silvery sparkle on both sides of the whitaker helmet. The inner shell features EPS foam that absorbs shock from any impact on the head. Coolmax liner provides breathability and comfort.

Luxurious Horse Riding Gear - Charcoal Helmet

Shires Topaz Black Leather Riding Whip

The shires topaz riding whip is one of your best riding tools. It is a strong whip with a soft, broad flapper. Each gentle tap creates a nice slap sound that is enough to motivate and train your horse – rather than inflicting discomfort and sting. It has good length and sufficient flexibility than most leather whips.

Luxurious Horse Riding Gear - Shires Topaz Black Leather Riding Whip

Out of the Arena

Ronner Shackles Poncho

The iconic poncho from Ronner Shackles is definitely a classic equestrian clothing staple. The stunning print detail at the hem is a subtle nod to the beloved equestrian sport. Layered over your favorite equestrian outfit, this poncho makes any outfit look 100% sophisticated. The soft material keeps you comfortably warm during cool or windy days on the field.Luxurious Equestrian Wear - Ronner Shackles Poncho

Cavalleria Toscana Women’s Denim Pants

Every woman needs her dependable pair of black jeans for everyday that can be worn on and off the horse when she’s not competing. This black denim pair could be your next favorite. The Cavalleria Toscana denim pants are breathable, stretchable, and fashionable. The slim fit hugs into the body’s natural curves, making it super flattering to wear. This versatile piece will make your riding outfit look sharp and stylish.

Luxurious Horse Riding Apparel - Cavalleria Toscana Women’s Denim Pants

Black Knight Classic Grooming Brush

Take care of your horse’s mane with this Black Knight horse brush. The brush bristles, made from 3” trim soft black poly, combs through the man smoothly. Regular use will make your horse’s mane shiny and tangle-free.

Luxurious Horse Riding Gear - Black Knight Grooming Brush

Gallop Mane & Tail Shampoo

Expertly formulated for your horse’s mane, Gallop Shampoo is the perfect product for your black and dark bay horses. It helps bring out the natural coat color of your horse – ideal for show preparations. It makes the mane shiny, smooth and silky smooth. This is one product that your black beauty will surely thank you for.

Luxurious horse gear - Gallop Mane & Tail Shampoo

Interested in your own hair? Learn how to get long, thick locks:

Just for You Fun Accessories

Prada Floral Headband

Say goodbye to bad hair days with this trendy hair piece from Prada. This simple, yet stunning accessory makes your outfit look like it came straight from the runway. The embroidered floral design gives a structured and polished detail. The thick, padded headband will keep your hair in place throughout the day.

Luxurious Horse Riding Clothes - Prada Floral Headband

Ralph Vaessen Sunglasses

Shield your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays with these stunning sunglasses from Ralph Vaessen. The shape of the lenses is flattering to most face shapes. The marbled design of the frame gives the basic sunglasses a major upgrade. Black lens tint provides sufficient UV protection and glare minimization.Luxury Horse Riding Gear - Ralph Vaessen Sunglasses

Serpenti Viper Top Handle Bag

When we talk about luxury and indulgence, Bulgari definitely comes to mind. The gold-plated accents shine through the black malt crocodile skin of the Serpenti Viper bag. The small, compact size makes it the ideal purse for the woman on-the-go. This could be your go-to bag for any occasion.Luxury Horse Riding Gear - Serpenti Viper Top Handle

“Black” Eau de Toilette

Who knew black could smell so good? Kenneth Cole’s Black eau de toilette spray features a blend of mint and mandarin fragrances for a refreshing and unique scent. The long-lasting fragrance has hints of incense, black suede, and exotic woods. Kenneth Cole’s Black perfume is luxury captured in a bottle.

'Black' Eau de Toilette

Ebony & Ivory – Part I

Let’s face it – black goes well with literally anything! This is why most people tend to wear the versatile color. Best tip in using black in your equestrian supplies and gear is to not be afraid of using it with different materials, colors, prints and textures.

Play with different combinations to get different get-ups minus the fear of committing fashion risks. Add metals and leather for an edgier look. Mix black with pastel colors for a youthful touch. If you are hesitant, you will never go wrong with the classic black and white combination. You can even wear an all-black ensemble if you want. Its versatility enables you to pair it with anything you wish – and still look effortlessly fashionable.

Stay tuned for Part II!

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