Owning a Horse For Beginners: 3 Great Points To Keep In Mind

We all need a lot of guidance when it comes to our horses, especially if this is your first time. Congrats! Believe me, I went through it and I’m happy to take you through all the necessary steps in owning a horse for beginners.

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    What is Involved with Owning Your Own Horse?

    Well, this is a loaded question. I will go over the general aspects of ownership, however I have an in depth course breakdown available I would highly recommend to better suit all your horse buying needs.

    Firstly, purchasing your equine friend, or rather the RIGHT equine friend. This takes a lot of knowledge, and learning from others mistakes aka MINE. Again, if this is where you are at, have a read on the necessary steps in order to get this right. It is the most important step.

    Second, having your horses home ready is essential. This includes feed, shelter, and a large enough outdoor paddock.

    When I say large enough paddock, I want you to imagine your home. The space you need, and perhaps the outdoor space you have or wish you had. Now imagine multiplying that by 10.

    Your horse will live its happiest life if it can run without measure. This is when a horse is happiest, when it is outside and running – regardless of time of year. Trust me! You will thank me later!

    Feed has to be consistent and of good quality, have a read on the proper feed for your horse before purchasing.

    As for shelter, as long as there is a run-in somewhere on their paddock you are good to go. Don’t over think this step. Horses prefer to be outdoors, always.

    Owning a Horse for beginners

    What do I do With my Horse?

    Once you have these essential steps figured out you are ready to enjoy your horse!

    If your horse is halter and lead trained, great! Start with a walk, trust me it will get interesting. Give them time to smell things, bite things, and play with you. It will help grow your bond.

    Leading Horse Through Pasture
    Leading Horse Through Pasture

    If your horse isn’t lead trained, we have some awesome tips on training your new horse.

    Depending on what goal (if any) you want to reach with your horse, do it gradually. This is your partner for life, take your time to nurture the bond before involving intense training.

    If you’re goal is to ride your horse, we have some ideas on ways to go about choosing the right style of riding for you.

    There are a ton of different riding techniques to learn with your new friend, we can help you out with that too!

    Or perhaps you want the pleasure of providing your horse a sanctuary. This is the most beautiful act of all, if I had all the money in the world I would give every horse in need their home of peace they deserve.

    So, you do you. Any decision you make is the right one, after all you are their parent!

    Make Some Horse Friends

    Honestly I can’t say enough about the buddy system. It’s so important to find some horse friends, for you and your horse.

    trail riding how many calories do you burn horsebackriding

    I’m sure you’ve explored the online world of horse crazy lovers, like ourselves.

    Lets be honest, we love talking about our horse. Just as parents never stop talking about their kids.

    I learnt this the hard way. I spoke to my family members, friends, sometimes even work colleagues about my horse. Thinking how can they not LOVE these stories as much as I do. Until, you see the boredom in their stare or the generic “oh really, wow.”

    If you have heard those words or seen that look, do them a favour and find a horse friend. There are PLENTY of us out there!

    Plus, your horse will thank you for it. They need friends as much as we do! Someone to go on adventures with, YES PLEASE!

    You won’t get how necessary it is until you do it.

    horses love being around other horses

    These are the three key points to keep in mind. It will make owning a horse for the first time easier on you, and your new friend.

    Hope you enjoyed my post on owning a horse for beginners, I’d love to hear your feedback!

    Happy riding!

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