7 Pony Pictures You Definitely Don’t Want Your Kid to See

By all accounts, I was a pretty cute kid. But there was one glaring exception to that: whenever I was exposed to pony pictures.

I started riding really young. This was after pestering my parents to start learning from pretty much as soon as I started talking. And then of course as soon as I started riding, I started asking my parents if they would buy me a horse. So you could say that I was pretty horse obsessed.

And nothing would set me off quite like a picture of a cute little pony.

The problem we have now is that as an adult, I still love cute pony pictures. And I want to be able to look at them myself! Without the risk of my various young relatives realising what I’m doing, and falling deeply in love with the ponies in question – and then turning into small nightmares until they are permitted to own such a pony.

So, in no particular order, here are the absolute cutest pony pictures that I could find – that you definitely don’t want your kid to see.

#1: This Little Cutie in a Flower Field

You know in romance movies how the lovers always run toward each other through a field of flowers?

Well right now it’s just me and this horse. I want to run toward him as fast as I can and cuddle him for several hours, please.

Pony Pictures

#2: This Mountain Climbing Miniature

This picture is so scenic – and no I’m not just talking about the mountains.

This little guy is so cute, and what’s more I’m loving the brightly coloured outfit his tiny rider is wearing. The bright blue tack even matches!

Pony Pictures

#3: These Tiny BFFs

See how can you really blame kids for being so obsessed by pony pictures when pictures like this exist?

It basically screams “we will be best friends, if only you can have me”.

Who am I to say no to friendship?

#4: More Pony Pictures of Tiny BFFs


There’s something about little girls and tiny ponies.

Like I know for certain that my spirit animal is a stubborn little pony. But that seems to be true for lots of other people as well. Is it true for you?

#5: This Guy Who Wants to Hear About Your Day

Honestly I find that horses are the best therapists. And this little guy looks like he’s ready to listen to all of your problems!

And then of course fix all of your problems. By being adorable.

#6: This Pony Who’s About to Steal Your Best Friend

Man’s best friend, right? Well that’s until this pony hits the scene. All you can hope is that they might let you into their little club.

Side note: I love that the dog is wearing a cowboy hat. So cute I might die.

#7: And Finally This Picture, Which Just Has Me Cackling

I’m going to save this picture somewhere on my computer so that when I’m having a bad day I can open it up and immediately feel better.

Like yes, I get that it is totally photoshopped. But no, I don’t care, and it will bring me joy regardless.

Send Me Your Cute Pony Pictures!

I hope you’ve enjoyed browsing my top 7 pony pictures. And I also hope that your kid didn’t see any of them, and start asking when they can have a pony of their own!

Do you have any adorable pony pictures? I would love for you to share them in the comments below! Or you could tell us which one of these was your favourite – I’m caught between #6 and #7, personally.

Happy riding!

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