Rose Gold & Glamorous : Classy Horse Riding Accessories

Rose Gold & Glamorous : Classy Horse Riding Accessories

Rose gold is one of the hottest and most in-demand trends, especially with jewelry and accessories. The vibrant tone embodies femininity, class, and glamour. This versatile color works well with any skin type and material.

The market for equestrian apparel and accessories is no stranger to this trend. Rose gold incorporated in equestrian gears emphasizes sophistication and elegance of the sport. Accessorize your horses in rose gold gears to give them an “oomph” factor when they are out in the field.

Sparkly Helmet

Nothing says chic and glamour like this rose gold helmet. Look how gorgeous the sparkly top is!

I love how the sparkling stone top design is both eye-catching and subtly pompous. The matte finish of the polycarbonate material makes the sparkles stand out. The fail-proof combination of black and rose gold provides a satisfying aesthetic appeal.

Rose Gold & Glamorous - Sparkly horse riding helmet

Ladies’ Show Jacket

Equestrian apparel is usually in neutral colors – black, white, tan, brown, and others. However, you don’t need to wear these monotonous colors repeatedly. Step out of the monochromatic ensemble by introducing a little flavor in your wardrobe.

This ladies’ show jacket is far from boring. The combination of navy-colored fabric plus the rose gold details (shown in the buttons and zippers) portrays a playful synergy between conservative and edgy.  I told you – rose gold goes well with anything. The fabric is stretchy and fits perfectly into the rider’s frame.

I’d definitely include this show jacket in my wardrobe. It will make your getup look effortlessly polished and neat.

Rose Gold & Glamorous - Ladies Horse Show Jacket

Aluminum Spurs

Since we are on the topic of equestrian apparel, why not go all the way and be dressed in rose gold from head to toe? The tiniest details can make an outfit look well-put-together.

Any rose gold lover will surely be obsessed with these rose gold aluminum spurs. The shiny accessory will match perfectly with your riding boots. It will add a hint of pizzazz in your footwear without being too flashy. You know, just the right amount of “I mean business” mixed with “I’m feeling a little dainty today.”

Rose Gold & Glamorous - Horse Riding Spurs

Bedazzled Browband

Why should you have all the fun? Your riding companion needs a little love too!

Spoil your horse with this stunning, sparkly browband that will give your horse personality and spunk. Embellished with highest quality Swarovski crystals (ooh, fancy!), this browband will make your horse the talk of the town.

The wave shape of the thin leather band suits most horse head types. It also has a flexible fit – you don’t need to worry if your horse needs to compromise comfort over fashion.

Go ahead, splurge a little and give your beloved horse that well-deserved bling. You can even get her two of these – one for shows and one for casual strolling (no big deal).

Rose Gold & Glamorous - Sparkling Horse Browband

Italian-Made English Stirrups

I must say, these rose gold are pretty impressive. These Italian-made english stirrups are made from light and durable materials – aluminum and special polyamide material. What strikes me the most with this item is its unique color, which is reminiscent of the shade ‘millennial pink’. The black details make it look sleek and classy.

They are not just pretty to look at, these stirrups are also functional. The lock-and-release mechanism enables the rider to be released from the horse immediately in case of an emergency.

Rose Gold & Glamorous - Italian Horse Riding Stirrups

Horse Halter with Matching Lead Rope

Dress up your horse with this trendy horse halter. The rose gold hardware completes the stunning and luxurious look of this special halter line. Both the nose and cheek pieces feature a reflective trimming so that your horse stays visible even in the dark.

This specific halter line provides you with the most extensive options. There are two styles to choose from (bio crown or stable halter) which are available in various colors (midnight black, coral, red sand, cactus green, or turquoise). You can also choose from four size options (Cob/Arabian, Full/Average, Oversized/Warmblood, and Miniature). Finding the perfect halter has never been this easy.

Rose Gold & Glamorous - Horse Halter and Lead Rope

Horse Brushing Boots

Turn your galloping buddy into a real-life unicorn with these ethereal galaxy-inspired boots. These strikingly beautiful boots are ergonomically designed to protect your horse’s legs.

The functionality of these boots is unparalleled – durable, shock-absorbing, and cushioned. Your horse will be the other horses’ envy as she gallops in style, beauty, and comfort.

Rose Gold & Glamorous - Shiny Horse Boots

Glammed Up Grooming Box

Make your horse feel like a star! Carry all your grooming essentials in this rose gold box – which looks like it was made for movie stars and celebrities. This stunning box is spacious enough to carry all your horse’s grooming equipment without looking very bulky. The aluminum silver with the textured rose gold makes you want to get one for yourself.

Rose Gold & Glamorous - Horse Grooming Box

Crowned in (Rose) Gold

This rose gold ear bonnet adds a nice touch to your horse’s look. Not only does this protect your horse from pesky insects, it also looks like a statement piece straight from the cat(uhm, horse)walk. The breathable bonnet provides total comfort for your horse’s ears.

Rose Gold & Glamorous - Horse Ear Bonnet

Other Just-For-Fun Accessories!

Rose Gold Wrist-watch

This list will not be complete without the rose gold watch. Stunning, elegant, and stylish are words that come to mind looking at this beautiful timepiece. The stainless-steel material with the Swarovski crystals bring a luxurious feel to this watch. It presents the rose gold tone in a non-intimidating manner, making it irresistible arm candy.

Rose Gold & Glamorous - Wrist Watch

Horseshoe Necklace

This exquisite horseshoe necklace is perfect for the stylish equestrian. The rose gold horseshoe pendant gives a nice contrast with the delicate silver chain. It is a simple accessory, yet definitely charming. This cute necklace is a great conversation starter – you will have everyone asking where you got it.Rose Gold & Glamorous - Horseshoe Necklace

Swarovski Pen

Swarovski ballpoint pen in rose gold – what’s not to love?

My heart skipped a beat the minute I saw this sparkling pen. Whether you plan to gift this to someone or for yourself (I’ll definitely have this for myself), this pen is a keeper.

Rose Gold & Glamorous - Swarovski Pen

Satisfy your Rose Gold Obsession

I hope this list inspired you to include rose gold into your equestrian wardrobe. Whether you prefer sparkly, shiny, matte, or polished, a little touch of rose gold will definitely make your personality shine through.

Don’t forget to dress up your horse too! Getting matchy-matchy with your beloved companion is one way of showing that you work as a team. Admit it, you’ll both look good in rose gold.

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