1. Aly

    This is a wonderful article and look at horse swimming — something I’d imagine that most people don’t really think about doing with their horses. 

    The recent hurricane to hit North Carolina’s outer banks hit an area where there are still groups of wild horses roaming the islands and marshes. The storm surge from the hurricane came on quickly and the low lying areas didn’t offer much protection from the rising waters. The footage of the wild horses swimming to higher ground was amazing and shows the graceful strength of these beautiful creatures. Unfortunately, not all of the horses survived the flooding, but fortunately enough of them survived that the herd will overall survive. 

    • Martina

      Thank you for your comment Aly! That is absolutely devastating to hear that not all the horses made it but I’m happy that enough survived to keep the herd going. 

  2. scottyg1144

    Wow great article. I didn’t know horse could swim but when you think about it all the western movies you would see horses swimming all the time. I wasn’t sure if this was true or not. What a great workout. It is amazing how fitness is important where it is a person or an animal. I know when we take our dog to the river for a swim he gets tired out from the exercise. Is this the same with horses. Do they get tired after swimming and sleep better?

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