1. Sunewako

    Hello Martina,

    This seems like a great product. I have been looking for something to use on mi leather shoes to keep them shining and I did not know what to buy and where to buy. I normally use a wet cloth to wipe out the dust and I will be expecting to see them shining after I finish, but they just won’t.

    • Martina

      Hey there!

      Yes New Leather will work well on your leather shoes. They will have a great shine to them afterwards and all the dryness will be done from them as they become subtle and soft again. Just as I said – make sure you don’t use too much if you don’t want them to darken too much 🙂

      Let me know if you have any other questions or comments,


  2. Adam

    Oh boy, I had not even considered using saddle soap. Will definitely look into this more. It is one of those hidden costs you sometime forget to factor in, but seems useful to save in the long run with tack.

    How many uses would you get from this one bottle you think?

    Thanks for this review, it is very insightful.


    • Martina

      Hey Adam!

      Yes it’s super important to clean your tack regularly. It’s definitely something that can be easy to overlook, especially if you aren’t showing and have no immediate reason to keep your tack looking nice and spiffy.

      But if you want your leather to last, then you need to be maintaining it. Otherwise you’ll find that its dries up and cracks far earlier than you might have expected.

      And as for how long one bottle will last you – it’s hard to say. I mean how many saddles do you have? Think about it this way – you can probably get thousands of “sprays” out of a bottle and you should only be using max 5 or 6 sprays per saddle (and this is if you haven’t cleaned it in a while) and less for bridles and you’re cleaning your saddle minimum once per month. You don’t want to overdo it with this stuff. So it will last you a good amount of time – several years probably.

      Of course if you’re riding very often and you have lots of tack then this will become shorter 🙂 Hope this helps!



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