Pink Horse Grooming Supplies – Weaver Leather Grooming Kit

UPDATE! This specific kit is unfortunately sold out and not made anymore. I would recommend this “Neon Pop Art” version instead (it’s the same kit, just in a brighter pink color with some teal blue, too.)

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Are you looking to buy a new grooming kit? Maybe you’re a new rider, buying grooming supplies for the first time? Or you’re more experienced, and looking for something you can travel with to shows and competitions? Well, I think that the Weaver Leather Grooming Kit (in pink!) could be the kit for you.

Here’s the juicy stuff:

Product name: Weaver Leather Grooming Kit
Company name: Weaver Leather
Type of product: Tack & Equipment
Guarantee: None
My review: 8.5/10

Read on for more details, and why I ranked the kit the way I did!

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Who is Weaver Leather anyway?

If you go to the Weaver Leather website and look at their About Us page, you’ll see that they’ve been around quite a long time – since 1973 actually. The company was founded by Henry A. Weaver, who worked in leather shoe repair.

Since then the company has grown to sell plenty of leather goods in the equine, pet and livestock industries. Also they claim to manufacture “many” of their products in the USA (picture below directly from their website).

Made in the USA or made in China?

Well, this grooming kit is not manufactured in the USA. In spite of the shiny Weaver logo on the front, it is made in China. But this doesn’t mean that it’s a bad product! I don’t know about you, but I just have slightly less faith in the company now.

They also didn’t do a very good job about listing the product in general. There’s very little information on there – they don’t even state what the 7 pieces are that are included in the kit! But don’t worry, I’ll do that all for you below.

To leather or not to leather…

When I first came upon the Weaver Leather Grooming Kit, I found myself looking for the leather section of this bag.

I looked and I looked and I looked, and I just couldn’t find any part that was made of leather. And I kept wondering why a company that makes leather goods was making a grooming kit in a nylon bag?

Also why did they call it the Weaver Leather Grooming Kit? I can now assure you that there is nothing leather-y about this kit. The brush handles are made of rubber and plastic and the bag is made of nylon.

But anyways! Moving past that, the nylon bag is actually great. It’s probably more durable than leather would be – especially for a grooming kit that’s going to get damp and dirty. You also have the draw-string cover at the top of the bag which is useful to make sure nothing falls out as it’s rolling around in your truck.

That cover is also useful because your horse can’t get to the treat bags you keep in there!

7 pieces actually means 7 pieces!

The Weaver Leather Grooming Kit comes with 7 pieces, excluding the nylon tote bag. Some of the grooming kits that you can buy online will come with 6 pieces plus whatever bag or case they come with. The bag will be considered the 7th piece.

Here’s everything that comes in the Weaver Leather Grooming Kit:

  1. A hard/stiff brush
  2. A rubber curry comb
  3. A soft/face brush
  4. A wide-tooth main & tail comb
  5. A main & tail brush
  6. A hoof pick
  7. A sweat scraper

The handles are on everything is made of this soft rubber material overlay that’s really nice to grip, easy to clean and good quality. Plus everything’s pink so it looks super pretty as well!

The only issue about the pink is probably the tote bag. Because we all know that when you have something that colour around the barn, it inevitably turns brown from all of the dirt and dust. However, because it’s nylon, you can simply hose it down every once in a while to clean it.

You can even throw it in the washing machine on gentle and use cold water to clean it. Just make sure not to throw anything else in there with it, and that all those horse treats are emptied out before hand.

So can you actually groom your horse with it?

So obviously you wanna know whether you will actually be able to groom your horse with this Weaver Leather Grooming Kit. I’m going to go through each item in the kit and give a little breakdown of the quality level and what you’ll be able to use it for.

The hard/stiff brush…

The bristles on this brush are extremely stiff and quite dense. If your horse has very sensitive skin then I would suggest using your hands to massage down the bristles a few times before you use it.

Once the brush is broken in, however, it works like a charm! The dense bristles are very effective at flicking grime and dirt off your horse’s coat.

The rubber curry comb…

The rubber bristles are tapered on this brush so they do a good job of getting into your horse’s coat to work the dirt out of it. There’s also a handle for the curry comb so you don’t have to hold onto the brush itself. As I said I love the material on all the brush handles but personally I simply put my hand over the main brush to use it regardless of the extra handle.

I like having a really good feel of the brush when I’m grooming my horse. I feel more separated from them if I’m using a handle. But obviously this is totally a matter of preference. And having the extra handle definitely doesn’t deter you from just grabbing onto the brush directly. I just slide my hand right underneath it.

The only thing I would say is that the bristles are kind of sparse. I know some of you might like a bit of a denser brush because with bristles that are too sparse, it takes longer to work the dirt out.

The soft/face brush…

I know some riders like having a finishing brush and a face brush. The finishing brush is a softer brush that’s the same shape as the hard brush. In this kit, however, you only get the face brush.

Personally, I don’t really mind this because I can easily use the face brush as my finishing brush. But I know some people don’t like the idea of brushing their horse’s face with the same brush that touched their body. If this is your case, then you would have to buy an extra finishing brush to go with the kit.

The wide-tooth mane & tail comb…

The teeth on this comb are not just wide-set but they’re also fairly long. This could be an issue if your horse has thick, tangly hair. I find that when the teeth are too long, they snap a lot easier.

I haven’t heard of these combs snapping yet, but you never know. There is a mane and tail brush that’s included in the set, however, so as long as you use the brush on the horse first, you should be in the clear.

The mane & tail brush…

As I just mentioned, the brush will come in handy if your horse has a thick mane and tail. Especially if you’re showing often and you like to do your horse’s hair (like I do!) then this is important to have.

The brush is pretty durable but I would say it’s a little small for my taste. I wouldn’t mind having something a little bit bigger. Especially if your horse isn’t a huge fan of having its mane and tail brushed, then the bigger the brush the quicker it goes.

The hoof pick…

I really like this hoof pick because it’s so simply made, it’s durable and the pick is quite sharp. It really works the way it should and it has quite a wide side to it to quickly “brush off” dirt with the side that you’ve already picked.

I don’t really like using the bristle brushes on the other side of some hoof picks but I know some people do. So if you’re one of those people then you might have to get an extra pick with a brush for your kit. Personally I find that with more sensitive horses, the brush can unsettle them because they feel it on their frog when you use it.

The sweat scraper…

This scraper is made from plastic rather than metal but it does have little sharp grooves on it to help collect the sweat. It’s effective and the rubber top makes it durable and keep its position. So no complaints about that!

Who are pink horse grooming supplies for?

Well they’re for everyone of course! And plus, who doesn’t love pink? Even if they don’t admit it!

No, but seriously, this Weaver Leather Grooming Kit is a solid grooming kit. But there are definitely people who will benefit from it more than others. I think that this is a great starter kit. If you don’t have your own grooming kit and you’ve been looking around to buy one, I think it’s a really good first buy.

You have everything you need and more, a great bag to carry it all around in plus extra room for whatever else you lug with you to and around the barn. The middle is a great place for extra accessories, treats, gloves and even a Go Pro if you like filming your rides!

It’s like a gym bag specialized for horseback riders!

Also, I think the Weaver Leather Grooming Kit would be so useful for travelling. If you show a lot and you need to go to and from competitions, this is a great travel set to bring along. So you have all of your usual grooming equipment at home, and then for the road, you have this in the back of your truck.

In this case, the middle compartment becomes even more useful because you can put more grooming sprays, elastics and other things inside.

Your very first grooming kit or travel brush set!

The Weaver Leather Grooming Kit got a 8.5/10 rating from me because I think the product itself is a solid buy. Especially for a new horse owner/boarder or as a second set of equipment to travel with – it’s perfect for that.

The only reason why I didn’t give this product a perfect rating is because I am still a little sketched out by the company. I mean the kit is rubber, plastic and nylon but it’s made by a leather goods company. It’s not manufactured in the USA although the company states that many of its products are.

Equine department of Weaver Leather

At the same time though, the brand does manufacture plenty of equine leather products and holds a high reputation with those.

Other than that issue, the Weaver Leather Grooming Kit itself is super solid. There’s a few little things missing here and there but you’re going to find that’s the case with most kits you come across. And this one does a much better job than most. At the end of the day, the only way to get every last thing you want is to buy each grooming tool individually.

Also the case is super useful. It’s not plastic and clunky, and it’s also not tiny with no room for anything else. It’s easy to carry around and you can easily drop it on the floor of the barn next to your horse while you groom him or her.

Here’s an unboxing of the glitter kit:

Definitely comment below if you have any more questions or comments about the Weaver Leather Grooming Kit!

Happy riding 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Pink Horse Grooming Supplies – Weaver Leather Grooming Kit”

  1. Great Review! Its definitely a bit of a disappointment that the grooming kit is of Chinese manufacture. It is though a pretty good thing that it seems like they mean what they say. 7 pieces means 7 pieces – lol. Definitely wouldn’t be so great if they only gave you 6 pieces and said 7… You’ve written a very good review here. Great read

    • Hi Kenny,

      I know what you mean. Especially since they’re claiming to have USA manufacture. It’s almost like you’ve been cheated somehow right? But at the same time, most products now come out of China or India and that’s just the way the world’s headed. This particular kit is still great quality – it’s just a bit of a turn off for the company. It’s almost like despite that, the product has still come through. hahaha yup, you’re spot on with the 7 pieces! You would be surprised how many kits very similar to this advertise to be like 6 pieces or whatever and the 6th piece is actually the bag and not a grooming tool at all…now that’s not cool.

      Anyways, let me know if you want anymore info!



  2. Martina,

    First off, horse lovers everywhere are going to love this review. I think the best part of this kit is that it gives you what it claims. 7 means 7. I really didn’t know what it took to groom a horse until I read your review. The way you described in detail how to use each groomer was great.


  3. Hi Martina,

    Great review, you have given all the information needed to groom horses with this useful kit set!

    In fact, I have a horse, her name is Magic, and she is our baby, and we spoil her a lot:)

    I was just looking to renew her brushes, and I am happy that I’ve found this great review! Even tough I know how to use these tools, but it is always good to read about it:)

    I have bookmarked your website so I can show it to my children and from there will decide together when to buy this set.

    Oh, just a few questions before I leave.

    1) Do you ship out of US?

    2) Is this set comes in different colours?

    3) How long will it take to receive the kit?

    Thank you very much for this excellent post!

    • Hi Daniella!

      Thank you for your feedback, it’s great to hear that you found the information useful. Awww what kind of horse is she if you don’t mind me asking? And yes, horses are definitely spoil worthy haha 🙂

      I’m so flattered you’ve bookmarked my site! I hope your children enjoy it as well – and the answers to your questions are the following:

      1) The shipping is handled by drop-shipping, you would have to contact, the product manufacturers or Weaver Leather for more details on that

      2) This particular set I believe comes in pink and beige but there’s other colors in sister sets. For example there’s the “glitter” set, which is also 7 pieces, that comes in bright blue, yellow and pink. I think the company likes very bright colors for some reason!

      3) The shipping time will depend on where you’re located but if you’re in North America probably between 2 and 7 days depending how much extra you pay.

      I hope that I answered all of your questions! Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any more 🙂

      Best wishes to you, your kids and Magic!



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