Vitamin E for Horses

There’s plenty of hype about vitamin E and how it’s the “cure all” for all your horse’s problems. But is it really that important? And if so, why?

It turns out that your horse needs vitamin E every day. This is just a fact because your horse’s body uses it to perform a large variety of functions. These include muscle cell/tissue repair and regeneration, skin cell/tissue repair and regeneration, nutrient storage and use, proper immune function, proper toxic processing and liver function, eye function and other neurological functions.

So if your horse is on a dirt pasture and isn’t getting nearly enough grass everyday (a big source of vitamin E), this might just be why his coat is looking a bit rough or he’s not jumping as well as he used to.

With the summer heat kicking in and the grass drying up, just keep an eye out on how much grass your horse is getting. 

Also if your horse happens to have one of these conditions or you’re just curious, you can read more below:

  1. COPD
  2. Uveitis (anti-inflammatory effects of vitamin Esuppression of S antigenrandomized trial)

Here’s the supplement that’s been around for a while I trust: Health-E Supplement

Let me know if you have any questions

– Martina 🐴

Wishing you to stay safe and healthy during this time! 

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